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  • Does anyone want to earn money easily on their iPhone or Android?


    There is a website/app called Feature Points and they basically pay you for downloading apps to test. You simply download the different app options that they offer and by playing around in it for 1-2 minutes, they will give you points. Don’t worry, you can delete the app right after and you won’t lose them. Over time, you build up these points which you can redeem for rewards (paypal money, iTunes credit, other apps, an iPad, xbox live/PSN, etc).

    It’s the easiest thing in the world and to start just go to http://featu.re/C7CNNB from your smartphone. You can also go to featurepoints.com instead and download from there (it’s the same site, the first link is my referral link and gives me extra points as well as gives you a 50 point boost just for signing up (downloading without my referral code won’t give you the extra points). If you use the second link, you can also type in my code “C7CNNB” when prompted and you will have 50 points as soon as you start.

    You can go to my page aguysmind.tumblr.com/money for more info. Ohh and no I was not hacked, this is real.

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